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Imperial Classic Pomade Review – Imperial Class

Imperial Classic Pomade Review – Imperial Class

by AJEnty
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Imperial Classic Pomade claims to be the strongest water based pomade in America….. And they may be right.  This product has a crazy good hold that goes in surprisingly easy.  This is definitely a product that I recommend and is a great daily pomade.  Want more? Proceed……

What to expect:

Hand Feel:  The texture feels very thick in your hand and very sticky.  When you put it into your hand you will be worried that it won’t go into your hair easy.  Fear not!

Shine:  This pomade will not over shine you hair but it does come with some shine to it.  If you are looking for something in the medium to light shine range this is a great product.

How does it go in?   Still afraid?  I said fear not! With just a smidge of water this stuff goes in much easier than expected.

How does it feel in the hair?  Overall, it boasts to be Americas strongest pomade but and with that you would expect a heavy feel but the true of the matter is more complicated.  You will feel like you have product in your hair but it will not be overwhelmingly heavy either.

How tough is it?  This is a VERY strong pomade that holds very well.  As I said before this pomade boasts to be the strongest water based pomade in America.

Will it last throughout the day? Absolutely!   Bring a comb just in case but you will be very satisfied with how well this holds all day.

Can it easily wash out? This is a water best pomade so….. You Bet!

Quick Video Review

Our industrial strength CLASSIC POMADE is America’s strongest holding water-based pomade. With an even and smooth application, the CLASSIC POMADE also allows you to adjust the hold strength depending on the amount of water in your hair. For a lighter hold, apply with water or on damp hair while the strongest hold can be achieved with a slightly heavier amount on dry hair. Our CLASSIC POMADE is also water reactivatable, which allows for easy re-styling with just a bit of water. And the best part? You get an amazing hold with the simple convenience of rinsing out the product clean and easy. Get that traditional American style with our CLASSIC POMADE, the best water-based pomade on the market.


Imperial Classic Pomade Review

Imperial Classic Pomade

Imperial Pomade

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