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Layrite Original – Lay it Right!

Layrite Original – Lay it Right!

by AJEnty
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Layrite Original(deluxe) is one for those products that just feels nostalgic.  It’s a product that’s history stretches from the early greaser days all the way to now and there is only one way to do that. Being damn good at what you do.  This is an amazing daily pomade for both professionals and first-time users.  It’s a must have in your pomade arsenal and I highly recommend it.  Want more? Proceed……

What to expect:

Hand Feel:  This has a light feel and is very easy work with making it a great beginner product. 

Shine:  This pomade will not over shine your hair but it does come with some shine to it.  If you are looking for something in the medium to high shine range this is a great product.

How does it go in?   This product goes in fast and sets slower than most products which has the advantage of working it in completely and having the time to style your hair well.  In short, it goes in really well.

How does it feel in the hair?  It will feel like you have product in your hair for sure but you look bad ass. Who friggin cares? If you have ever used something like a Suavecito it will feel like that.   

How tough is it?  This is a strong pomade that holds very well.   Normally, you will go through water based pomades incredibly fast because you need a lot but this product goes a long way.   

Will it last throughout the day? Absolutely!   Bring a comb just in case but you will be very satisfied with how well this holds all day.

Can it easily wash out? This is a water based pomade so….. You Bet!

Quick Video Review

Layrite holds like a wax, yet washes out like a Gel. Finally a pomade that really washes out quickly with just water. For real men serious about their hair this super rich and waxy hair dressing works great with both fine and extremely thick hair.
Create high pomps, slicked backs, parts, businessmen’s cuts, flat-tops, spikes and extreme styles such as Mohawks.
This pomade was developed for use at Hollywood barbershops, world famous for traditional, classic, and retro styles.


Layrite Original Review

Layrite Original Pomade

Layrite Original Pomade Review

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